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Grace Covenant Church is a Confessional Church

Grace Covenant Church unashamedly declares itself to be a confessional church.  The church's Shorter Confession may be accessed here: GCC Shorter Confession.

Grace Covenant Church heartily acknowledges that creeds and confession statements, whether historic or contemporary, can be and often are helpful systematic expressions of the Christian faith. For example, Grace Covenant Church heartily agrees with the First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1644/46 A.D.). That being said, the leadership of Grace Covenant Church firmly opposes the elevation, whether perceived or actual, of any creed or confession to a level of authority approaching the Scriptures themselves.  Although creeds and confessions can be and often are helpful summaries of what Scripture teaches, these statements are nevertheless formulated by men and are hence not inspired.

Our confession is based upon the
First London Baptist Confession of Faith written in 1646.  As the London Baptist Confession is grounded in the Westminster Confession, we have studied both documents side by side and have chosen to keep the Westminster’s language in some parts.  Changes have also been made to reflect the particular beliefs of our congregation and explanatory notes have been made for those changes throughout.  Affirmations are made of several supporting documents and have been included as appendices. The church confession defines the doctrinal position of Grace Covenant Church, and is accepted by all of the elders as the official teaching position of the church. Anyone who seeks a teaching or leadership role within the church must affirm the content of the church confession below. The Statement of Faith defines the essentials of the Christian faith, the affirmation of which is therefore necessary for membership.

Grace Covenant Church also affirms Sola's of the Protestant Reformation, as well as the Doctrines of Grace.

Portsmouth, RI